Slab Formwork

Table Form with H20

Table form systems

Widely accepted in Indian markets and already been a successful solution for Commercial and flat slab projects. Table forms systems are crane handled solutions which have been economical and fast constructions in India. Assemblies of table formwork are simple, east and fast. Multiple size tables can be achieved through design capabilities and technical expertise. Beton Technika is following highest quality standards by offering imported H20 beams and European standard props for all their customers. Majority of the components are imported but viable in the investments.

Beton Technika offers two variants in table form technology, One with H20 Wooden Girder beams and other option with Aluminium K6 beams for more durability. As value proposition to the offerings, the same components will be re-designed by Team of Beton Technika for Vertical castings with minor changes and very minimum investments.

Table Form with K6 Aluminium Beams

Beton Flex Systems

Crux of Modular and Conventional Formwork systems, Beton Technika is offering Flex System with H20 Wooden beams systems, design based solutions are offered to our customers with simple components like H20 Wooden beams, Props, Z Connector and U head. Construction Companies who are evoluting from conventional systems to modular systems are best and affordable solutions.

Beton Metriform Systems